BMW Z4 Paint Correction Detail

This BMW Z4 in Metallic Black Sapphire was scheduled for a Paint Correction Detail, to remove swirl marks and scratches in the paintwork.

Customer also opted for the 19" M Sport wheels and kidney grills to be sprayed in Matte Black Plasti Dip. 

Pre detail inspection of the vehicle followed up by snow foam and a citrus pre wash to remove as many particles of dirt and bonded road grime.

Next up the engine bay went through an extensive clean to remove grime, dirt and dust.

Once the engine bay had been cleaned, we moved onto getting the vehicle completely washed ready for the 3 stage decontamination process.

Bodywork, glass and wheels were treated to a Iron and Fallout Remover, Tar Remover and a Full Clay Bar treatment.

Once the BMW was fully decontaminated it was brought inside to for a full inspection and paint thickness measurements.

Once the car was under lights it was evident there were plenty of swirl marks, scratches and holograms in the paintwork. 

Rupes machine polishers and pads with Meguiars 105 and 205 was the combination for this specific BMW.

The boot lid on this Z4 through up a surprise with a bird stain which had etched into the paintwork. 

After trying to polish the stain out of the paintwork and getting no where, it was time to attack this with some 3000 grit sandpaper. 

After completing the polishing process it was time to apply Gtechniq G1 and G5 to the exterior glass.

The customer had opted for Gtechniq G1 Smart Glass on the windscreen and G5 Max Repellent on the side and rear glass for better visibility in the rain,sleet,fog and snow ready for winter.

The dashboard, door cards and interior trim surfaces were thoroughly cleaned with Auto Finesse Total and finished with Auto Finesse Spritz.

Dr Leather used to clean the leather seats, once fully dried Gyeon Leather Coat was applied to the leather which repels liquids and withstands friction and mechanical wear.

3 coats of Auto Finesse Fusion Hybrid Wax was applied to the car to give that sharp look and outstanding finish.

The Final Results.

If you have a BMW or would like a similar level of detailing performed on your car then please get in touch.