BMW Z4 Paint Correction Detail

This stunning example BMW Z4 in Alpine White with Coral Red interior, was scheduled for our Paint Correction Service. 

First up a citrus pre wash and snow foam was applied to the vehicle to remove large particles of dirt and help loosen bonded road grime.

After allowing the snow foam and citrus pre wash to dwell the BMW wash thoroughly rinsed.

Next up the engine bay went through an extensive clean to remove unwanted grime.

Once the engine bay had been cleaned, we moved on to getting the vehicle completely washed ready for decontamination.

An Iron and Fallout remover was applied which acts on bonded iron particles via a chemical reaction which can be clearly seen turning purple.

The Z4 was then fully rinsed and then moved inside were we performed a full clay bar treatment.

The picture below clearing showing there was still more contamination in the paintwork even after a full wash and decontamination process.

The BMW was then full rinsed again the brought back inside and fully dried.

Once the engine was fully dried and a designated dressing was applied to give that factory fresh look.

Next up was the interior, all surfaces were full cleaned.

All leather surfaces were thoroughly cleaned with Dr Leather and then Protected with Gyeon Leather Coat which repels liquids and withstands friction and mechanical wear.

The floor mats were wet vacuumed, Once fully dried they were treated to Gtechniq I1 which prevents water seeping into the carpets.

And of course no interior is complete unless you have stripey floor mats.

These 19" M Sport wheels were given a full wash and decontamination followed up with a full clay bar treatment, then treated to a designated wheel sealant.

The exhaust system on this Z4 had plenty of carbon build up, this was polished with a metal polish.

The vehicle received a 2 stage machine polish with the Rupes polishing system which brought back that lovely Alpine White paintwork back to life.

The paintwork was protected with Auto Finesse Tough Coat.

The final results.

If you are a BMW owner or wish to have a similar level of detailing performed then please get in touch.