Mercedes C180 Kompressor Paint Correction Detail

The Mercedes C180 Kompressor was scheduled for a Paint Correction Detail to remove swirl marks, scratches from the paintwork.

Being 13 years old it had its fair share of defects.

Pre detail inspection of the vehicle followed up with a pre wash and snow foam to remove he dirt and bonded grime.

Once the snow foam and citrus pre wash had done its job the Mercedes was thoroughly rinsed ready for the 2 bucket wash.

After being fully wash the bodywork, glass and wheels were treated to an Iron and Fallout Remover, Tar Remover and Full Clay Bar Treatment.

Now the Mercedes was fully washed and decontaminated it was brought inside for an inspection ready for polishing.

Rupes polishing system was used for this particular vehicle with Rupes and Meguairs compounds and Polished being the choice. 

Some 50/50 shot of the machine polishing process.

Once the machine polishing process was complete it was time to start adding protection to the paintwork.

Carlack Complete 68 was the base sealant for additional protection to be added.

Once Carlack Complete 68 had fully cured Auto Finesse Tough Coat was applied to enhance the gloss and clarity to the paintwork.

All exterior surfaces were then topped with Valet Pro Beading Marvellous for additional protection. 

If you are a Mercedes owner or wish to have a similar level of detailing performed on your car then please get in touch.