Porsche 911 Carrera S Paint Correction Detail.

This Porsche 911 Carrera S in Basalt Black was scheduled in for a Paint Correction Detail to remove swirl marks and scratches to enhance and improve the paintwork condition.

This 911 was also being prepared ready to be shipped to Australia. 

First up a pre detail inspection on the car.

An application of a citrus pre wash and snow foam was applied to soften built up dirt and grime that has accumulated.  

With the snow foam dwelling on the car a full chassis clean was undertaken, to remove years of built up dirt and road grime.

All intricate areas, such as door jams, door shuts, window rubbers and all exterior trim were fully degreased. 

Alloy wheels where thoroughly cleaned.

Tyres and wheel arches where degreased.

Convertable roof was given a thorough clean ready for protection later. 

Once the snow foam and citrus pre wash had done its job, the Porsche was thoroughly rinsed ready to receive the 2 bucket safe wash.

Now the Carrera was fully washed the attention was getting the car fully decontaminated, starting with a Iron Fallout Remover, Tar Remover and a Full Clay Bar Treatment. 

Once fully decontaminated, one final wash down, ready for paint readings and a paint inspection. 

Plenty of scratches and swirl marks!

A before and after comparison.

A before and after comparison.

A before and after comparision.

A before and after comparison.

A 50:50 shot of the drivers door.

Once the 3 stage machine polishing process was complete, it was time to get the car ready for protection on the interior and exterior.

The leather seats were given a deep clean with Dr Leather and then treated with Gyeon Leather Coat, which repels liquids and withstands friction and mechanical wear.

The dashboard, door cards and interior trim surfaces were given a thorough clean and then treated to Gtechniq C6 Matte Dash, once applied to the surfaces it removes 99.9% of bacteria.   

The convertible roof was treated with Gtechniq I1 Smart Fabric, whilst offering great durability and fantastic hydrophobic properties. 

The glass, wheels, and exterior trim surfaces were also protected with our own branded products.

The paintwork was protected with our own branded sealant and wax offering 12 months + of protection.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our own products coming soon!

The final results.

If you are a Porsche owner, or would like this level of detailing performed to your car, then please get in touch.