Mercedes SLK 250 Paint Correction Detail.

This Mercedes SLK 250 in Cavansite Blue was booked in for a Paint Correction Detail to remove scratches and swirl marks to improve the paintwork condition.

First up was a pre detail inspection on a frosty morning.

Snow foam and citrus pre wash was applied to the Mercedes, to soften road grime and built up dirt.

All intricate areas, such as door jams, door shuts, window rubbers and all exterior trim were fully degreased. 

Alloy wheels were thoroughly cleaned.

Tyres and wheel arches were degreased.

Once the snow foam and citrus pre had removed as much contamination as possible, it was given a thorough rinse ready to receive a 2 bucket safe wash. 

We then moved onto an Iron Fallout Remover, Tar Remover and a Full Clay Bar Treatment.

The glass, wheels, and paintwork were given a 3 stage decontamination.

Now that the car was fully decontaminated and given one final rinse down, the car was ready for paint inspection and paint measurement readings.

Once the 2 stage machine polishing process had been completed, is was time to get the interior and exterior surfaces protected..

The leather seats received a deep clean with Dr Leather and then treated with Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner.

Dashboard, door cards and interior trim surfaces were cleaned with Auto Finesse Total.

The glass, wheels and exterior trim surfaces were also protected with our own branded products.

The paintwork was also protected with our own branded sealant and wax offering 12 months + of protection.

Keep your eyes peels for updates on our own products coming soon!

The final results.

If you are a Mercedes owner, or would like this level of detailing performed to your car then please get in touch.