BMW 140i Super Gloss Protection Detail

This brand new 17 plate BMW 140i is stunning Estoril Blue was booked in for the Super Gloss Protection Detail service.

The customer picked up the BMW 2 days ago on a strictly no wash basis from the dealership, even with only 200 miles on the car it had its fair share of dirt on the car.

The Super Gloss Protection Detail is designed to give your vehicles exterior a major refresh, by intensively cleaning, decontaminating, polishing and protecting.

Providing an easy-to-maintain finish.

A Iron Remover was used on the wheel to remove brake dust and iron particles.

A citrus clean and snow foam was applied to the car the soften road grime and dirt.

Window rubbers, door shuts, door jams and all exterior trim surfaces were full degreased.

Alloy wheels were cleaned.

Tyres and wheel arches were fully degreased.

Once the citrus cleaner and snow foam had been left to dwell on the car it was fully rinsed ready to receive a 2 bucket safe wash.

Once washed it was time the get the BMW decontaminated ready for machine polishing.

A Tar Remover, Iron Fallout Remover and a Full Clay Bar Treatment was carried out on the paintwork, wheels and glass.

The Iron particles can be clearly seen by the purple color on the paintwork. 

Now the 140i had been decontaminated and received one final rinse, it was ready for a machine polish.

Once the the machine polishing process had been completed, it was time to protect all exterior surfaces.

The paint work received 2 coats of sealant and a coat of wax.

The wheels were also protected with a dedicated wheel sealant.

All exterior glass was treated with a glass sealant for increased visibility in wetter conditions.

At Super Gloss Detailing we use all our own products, everything used on the BMW is our own from the pre wash all the way through to the wax.

The final results.