BMW 140i Super Gloss Protection Detail

This stunning example, BMW 140i in Estoril Blue was scheduled for a Super Gloss Protection Detail.

The Super Gloss Protection Detail is designed to give your vehicle's exterior a major refresh, by intensively cleaning, decontaminating, polishing and protecting.

Providing an easy-to-maintain finish from anywhere between 4 and 6 months. 

Snow foam and a citrus cleaner was applied to soften the road grime and dirt.

All intricate areas such as window rubbers, door shuts, door jams and all other exterior trim surfaces were fully degreased. 

Alloy wheels were thoroughly cleaned.

Tyres and wheel arches where thoroughly cleaned.

Once the citrus cleaner and snow foam had done its job, the BMW was fully rinsed, ready to receive the 2 bucket safe wash.

Once washed the attention was getting the car fully decontaminated.

A Tar Remover, Iron Fallout Remover and a Cull Clay Bar Treatment was carried on the paintwork, wheels and glass.

Now the BMW had been fully decontaminated and received one final rinse, it was brought inside to receive a machine polish.

With the machine polishing completed, it was time to get the exterior surfaces protected.

The paintwork received 2 coats of own branded sealant and wax.

The wheels where also treated with our own branded products.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our own branded products coming soon!

The final results.