Porsche Boxster S Paint Enhancement Detail

The Porsche Boxster S was scheduled for a Single Stage Paint Enhancement Detail.

As with all our Paint Enhancement Detail the vehicle went through our full wash and decontamination process.

After the Porsche went through the full wash and 3 stage contamination process on the bodywork and wheels, it was pulled inside and given a full inspection and paint thickness measurements were taken.

Under lights the Porsche had plenty swirl marks and scratches.

Rupes polisher and polishing system was used to remove defects on this Porsche.

Once all the polishing had finished it was time to work on protecting the Porsche and finishing up the little details on the car.

The exhaust had plenty of carbon build up and this was polished with Auto Finesse Mercury Metal Polish leaving a factory fresh look.


Next the alloy's were given a full clay bar treatment. Once dried a coat or Chemical Guys Wheel Guard was applied, leaving a high gloss finish and a durable protective finish.


Carlack Complete 68 was applied to the Porsche.

Carlack Complete 68 cleanses the paintwork whilst laying down a base coat of sealant.

Once Carlack Complete 68 had dried and cured to the paintwork it was followed up with Auto Finesse Tough Coat to improve to gloss and clarity to the paintwork.

All exterior trim was full cleaned and degreased and dressed with Auto Finesse Revive, leaving a factory look.

All exterior glass was fully polished with Auto Finesse Vision to give a crystal clean smear free finish.

All interior trim was given a thorough clean with Auto Finesse Total and dressed with Auto Finesse Spritz.

Dr Leather was used to deep clean the leather seats, once fully dried the seats were treated to Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner.  

All exterior painted surfaces were then coated in Auto Finesse Fusion Wax, whilst laying down even more protection and leaving a lovely high gloss finish. 

Final walk round with Auto Finesse Glisten Spray Wax to finish off the car adding even more protection and adding more gloss. 

The final results.


If you are a Porsche owner or wish to have a similar level of detailing performed then please get in touch.