Porsche Cayman GT4 Paint Correction Detail

"Adam from Super Gloss Detailing has just spent 3 days working on my Porsche GT4 and I am delighted with the result. I was impressed with his attitude from first contact to finished job. He kept me well informed at every stage of the extremely detailed process and even took considerable trouble in advising me how to care for the finish and keep it maintained to his high standards! He really goes to an extraordinary level of detail in what he does and understands his products and the customer's requirements perfectly. Mr R Taylor

This stunning example Porsche Cayman GT4 in Jet Black Metallic was booked in for a Paint Correction Detail, to remove swirl marks, sanding mark and scratches to enhance and improve the paintwork condition.

First up a Pre detail inspection of the vehicle.

A application of a citrus pre wash and a snow foam to soften built up dirt and road grime that had accumilated.

All intricate areas such as door jams, door shuts, window rubbers and all exterior trim were fully degreased. 

Alloy wheels where thoroughly cleaned, being a carbon ceramic brake system there wasn't a huge amount of brake dust build up.

Tyres and wheel arches where degreased.

Once the snow foam and citrus pre wash had done its job the Porsche was thoroughly rinsed ready to receive the 2 bucket safe wash.

Now the GT4 was fully washed the attention was getting the car fully decontaminated, starting with a Iron Fallout Remover, Tar Remover and a Full Clay Bar Treatment.

Once fully decontaminated one final wash down ready for paint reading and paint inspection. 

Paint thickness readings were taken prior to machine polishing.

Once under inspection lights this Porsche had its fair share of paint defects.

A before and after comparison of the drivers side rear panel. 

A before and after comparison of the rear wing.

A before and after comparison of the rear light cluster.

After receiving a 3 stage machine polish the car was then given a full wash and then degreased to remove the compounding particles from all the panel gaps and intricate areas.

Once washed the Porsche was ready to receive some paintwork, glass, wheel and trim protection. 

Gtechniq G5 was applied to the exterior glass for better visibility.

A designated wheel protector was used to help future wheel cleaning maintenance much easier plus also adding a layer of durable protectin. 

Auto Finesse Revive was used to treat all exterior surfaces and under the front storage compartment.

Auto Finesse Fusion Hybrid Was was applied to give that sharp reflective look and outstanding finish.

Interior was given a full detail.

Dashboard, door cards and interior trim surfaces were finished with Auto Finesse Spritz

The final result's.

If you are a Porsche owner or wish to have a similar level of detailing performed then please get in touch.