Gtechniq are renowned for creating some of the best coating technology on the market. With a wide range of coating protections available ranging from paintwork, wheels, glass, trim, fabric and leather.

The packages and prices below are available to be added to any of our detailing services. 

Gtechniq Crystal Serum light

Crystal Serum Light from Gtechniq is formulated to offer 3-5 years of durable protection.

Crystal Serum Light offer a high gloss and durable finish whilst offering superb resistance to wash marring and swirls.

The coating offers fantastic protection in extreme weather conditions, unlike regular sealants and waxes. Crystal Serum Light will protect your vehicle from temperatures as low as -40c -250c .

The high density ceramic layer will resist chemicals from pH2 - pH12.

Small: £140.00

Medium: £160.00

Large: £180.00

4x4: £200.00

Gtechniq Exo Hybrid Coating

Exo Hybrid Coating is Gtechniq's ultimate hydrophobic coating, keeping your vehicle cleaner for much longer.

Team Exo with Crystal Serum Light and this is a great combination to offer the best protection as possible.

Small: £50.00

Medium: £60.00

Large: £70.00

4x4: £80.00

Gtechniq G1 ClearVision Smart Glass

Gtechniq G1 uses a chemical bond which gives G1 unrivaled durability.

G1's exceptionally low smear characteristics and durability make it ideal for car windscreens.

1-2 years / 15,000 - 30,000 miles durability.

Improves wet weather visibility to improve eye strain.

Much easier to remove bugs, tree sap and ice. 

Small: £50.00

Medium: £50.00

Large: £50.00

4x4: £50.00

Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour

Based on similar technology as Crystal Serum Light, C5 offer the best protection your wheels.

C5 uses a chemical bond to which in aid helps keeping your wheels cleaner for longer by repelling dirt and brake dust.

1 - 2 years durability.

We offer two options for the application of C5. We can completely remove the wheel from the car so the whole wheel can be coated this includes a full decontamination and polish, or just the rim faces with the wheels still on the car.

Rim Faces: £80.00

Full Wheel: £150.00

Gtechniq I1 Smart Fabric

I1 Smart Fabric protect all kind of fabrics from oil based stains and water. It is extremely durable and breathable.

I1 also contains anti microbial technology, treated surfaces will kill 99.9% of bacteria.

I1 Smart Fabric will waterproof any fabrics and help to maintain and keep clean for longer, whilst preventing soaking, rotting and swelling on any fabric. The nano particles in I1 coat each fabric fibre individually leaving the texture unaffected.

An I1 treatment on a soft top roof can offer up to 3 years of protection.

2 Seater: £50.00

4/5 Seater: £70.00

7 Seater: £90.00

Soft Top Roof: £80.00

Gtechniq L1 Leather Guard

L1 Leather Guard forms a matte finish and durable abrasion resistance, which offers the best protection against UV rays, dye transfers, discoloration and general wear.

 L1 also contains anti microbial technology, treated surfaces will kill 99.9% of bacteria.

3 - 12 month durability

2 Seater: £50.00

4/5 Seater: £70.00

7 Seater: £90.00


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